Is anyone still reading this? if so, here is a picture of my cat. 

Half way through university, I put the viola down and modified my major to include theatre/dance, and kept writing music and recording original stuff on a cockamame set-up of tape recorder recording tape recorder, to get multiple tracks. Once out of college, doing musicals, plays, films and commercials in Chicago, i found my way into a rock band with my best friend Reyna Larson, called Mabel Mabel. Then to Los Angeles for several years, to pursue the same in much warmer weather. I also finally started up my own band, moxy phinx.

Slowly little successes starting adding up amidst the years of debt and retail and waitering and weeping and eating dinner from vending machines (sorry mum!), and now I've gotten to be in 3 Broadway shows, on several TV shows and films... Things turned out ok for now. More of this would be absolutely lovely.

i started out as a dancer at age 3 (oh betty hill's school of dance, with her luxurious red beehive), then added the viola at age 6, acting in plays at school and at camp (there was a very amusing MIME camp), then some piano, then some oboe (my parents' headaches), singing lessons, then summer theatre, then dinner theatre while attempting to do dance, theatre , music composition, Vocal and viola performance at northwestern university. i am very lucky my parents were so supportive of all my artistic pursuits even though they feared i would end up starving. 

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